Friday, October 27, 2017

October 23-27 2017

Reminder our Halloween Party is next week!

Orca 4 am and 4 pm class will have their party on Monday October 30th. The rest of the groups will have their party on the 31st! We have drawn the volunteer’s names and have contacted the parents, if you have any questions please feel free to call or ask the preschool staff. Our community centre Trick-or-treating will happen the first 30 min of your child's class, after that we will be having a little party for the groups. This will include various art activities, group games, Halloween sensory play and some spooky music! 

We have had a pair of outdoor pants go missing in our Unicorn 4 class. They are boys, black size 6, they have overall straps with no button. Please check at home and see if they accidently ended up in your outdoor bin! 

This week in the it has been a blast. We started off the week with a fun story called "The Monster who lost his "m”.  The children loved it so we started creating our own monsters! The children created their own ghosts with sock and various items. Tuesday was our 3 year old pumpkin patch! Which we ended up bringing it into our class and added it to our Farmers Market!!! The 3 year olds also joined Michelle Kiran's Mother for music class, which was a BLAST! Spooky Wednesday! It was all about Bats. Counting with bats, art with bats it was a BATTY day!  Thursday was our science day! We had a very fun day with lots of exploring, experimenting, categorizing and observing. We did a sink and float test. Then we organized the items, at the end we even were able to check out a real squid! It was so cool! We used four sense and then we all voted on if it would sink or float. IT SUNK! On our science table we added new furs and textures for everyone to test! There is even a bear claw.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!  Friday was our 'letter c' day and our baking day! We practised our fine motor skills, math skills, pouring skills and turn taking while baking Carrot Cake this week!

Orca Room has been under the sea all week!! Learning about octopus and squids! We brought in a live squid and put it into a sensory bag for all the children to look, smell and touch! It was soo cool. We have learned new songs about the sea, read amazing new stories and our art was super cool! We created our own octopuses out of socks and various materials. We used slime and added new exciting sea creatures. We did matching games, and spelling work all through our play! 

Friday, October 20, 2017



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October 13-19th

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Friday, Friday , Friday! 

Hopefully everyone survived our rainy, rainy week and are looking forwards to some up coming sunshine! 

Our week in the unicorn room was eventful and full of pumpkins! We had our field trip which was quite wet but still a lot of fun. Lots of songs, animals and of course pumpkins! We spent the week learning about the growth cycle of a pumpkin, brought a farmers market into the classroom and some cool art for the Diwali celebration that happened this past Thursday. Our classes have been working on getting undress and dress by themselves, which has been a huge success. Our 3 year old class has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. We are very proud of them ! Of course our 4 year old class is still showing their capabilities and of course we see how their independence continues to grow! If you have not seen it yet, ask them they can show you ! It is always a great idea to have the skills being used before/ after preschool as well! 

We did some fun science this week, learning about sink and floating. They were able to experience it themselves by dropping in materials and guessing whether it would sink and float and dissecting pumpkins! FUN!


We are continuing our ocean project! This week was focused on sharks ( as previously stated). The children loved to learn about the Whale sharks! We have learned some new songs, and our two favourites Baby Shark and Slippery Fish! We have done some very cool art and boy oh boy did we love the bingo dabbers!  We went on a neighbourhood walk with the 4's and that was a lot of fun! We practised our listening skills, and was able to practise our knowledge on street safety ! We are getting ready for some Halloween Fun! 

Some notes :

The 3 year olds  have their pumpkin patch coming up this Tuesday Oct 24th and it is at the Preschool. Please make sure your children are dressed properly because we will be outside for a longer period of time ( rain or shine!)

School Photo’s are happening Nov 6 & 7 here at preschool.

We are having a Halloween celebration ! The ORCA 4 AM/PM will be having there’s on Monday Oct 30th and Both Unicorn classes and Orca 3 AM/PM will have there celebration on Tuesday Oct 31st. Costumes are encouraged and we will do a little trick or treating here inside the community centre! The preschool team will not be handing out candy but little surprises. If parents want to hand out little treats for students you are more than welcome to but please leave it in files in the hall as the teachers will already have their hands full.  For this party we will be looking for 4 parent volunteers for handing out our surprises! We will have the sign up sheet posted this Monday from there we will draw names.  PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE A NUT FREE and KIWI FREE FACILITY.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Orca update from OCT 10-13th


The four  am class had really shown an interest in animals as well as aquatic life so the natural direction of the classroom has been geared towards ocean related interests and sea life, as well as pets, wild and farm animals alike.

There has been a consistent interest in building and in cars πŸš—.

The four pm class has really enjoyed the idea of baking , travelling and talking about animals and even some interest in the constellations and stars. After presenting the 3 little pigs felt story the children have been building their own Homes out of foam blocks and reinacting the scenes. This coming month we should expect a more in depth look into this classic fairy tale and others as well as a look into space , planets and the stars .

Both fours classes in the orca room are exploring the letter of the week on Friday, which entails a classroom filled with many different types of materials based around things that begin with the days letter, some exposure to the phonics of the letter in different words and incorporating that letter into the majority of the days activities. On some days we will also be baking.

Our threes classes are starting to settle more into a routine which will carry out through the year. They are enjoying the basics sensory activities as play dough and blocks as well as the car mat and dress up dramatic play which has now transitioned into a pet shop. Each threes class is demonstrating diversity of interests and personalities which makes the classroom dynamic that much more interesting . We're hoping to learn more songs. Get into more felt stories and get more detailed in our classroom endeavours. 


Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone! 


This week was full of new experiences at Preschool! We had tons of fun splashing our way through the first big rainfall, taking out our new camping gear and seeing our new science experiments! 

This week in the Unicorn room was learning about grains, seeds, beans, corn and well HARVESTING! We spent the week learning about seeds and corn growing into food that we eat! We weighed our grains, used grains for art and we even used beans in our SCIENCE EXPERIMENT ! 

Jumping Beans is what we did for science this Thursday and it was fun! We watched as our beans sunk to the bottom of our jar and then we watched as they began to make their way to the top! This taught us about floating and sinking, and the different types of beans we used. 


Orca 4's Classroom is starting a fun under the sea project with the kids. This week was SHARKS! Lots of fun and excitement under the sea! Shark songs, shark water bins... SHARKS GALL-ORE!

We would like to remind all of our families of a few up coming events!

Next week ( OCTOBER 18, 11 am -2:45) the 4 year old classes in both ORCA AM/PM and UNI 4's will be heading out to the Richmond Country Farms for pumpkin patch fun ! We will need our friends to arrive at 11 am SHARP as we are on a tight schedule. The bus is leaving at 11:30 AM. We will all be meeting up in the Douglas Park Lounge 
  • Please make sure children have an early lunch. The children will be given a snack at the pumpkin patch but it wont be until after our pumpkin patch fun so they will need to be fuelled before hand! 
  • Children should use the bathroom before drop off. We will be on the bus for a while and we don't want any accidents! 
  • Please make sure the children are dressed appropriately for the weather. We will be outside for a long period of time!
  • Children will need pinnies on when entering the lounge
  • There will be NO morning classes for these groups on the 18th 
The 3 year old classes will NOT be going to a pumpkin patch but we will be visiting our very own pumpkin patch here at Douglas Park! We will have a fun pumpkin patch for the children set up and the children will get to explore and play all during classroom hours ! The children will get to choose their very own pumpkins as well! THIS WILL BE HAPPENING DURING PRESCHOOL HOURS AND ON OCTOBER 24TH SO ALL 3 YEAR OLD CLASSES IN BOTH ORCA AND UNI CLASSROOMS CAN JOIN IN!