Friday, October 20, 2017

October 13-19th

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Friday, Friday , Friday! 

Hopefully everyone survived our rainy, rainy week and are looking forwards to some up coming sunshine! 

Our week in the unicorn room was eventful and full of pumpkins! We had our field trip which was quite wet but still a lot of fun. Lots of songs, animals and of course pumpkins! We spent the week learning about the growth cycle of a pumpkin, brought a farmers market into the classroom and some cool art for the Diwali celebration that happened this past Thursday. Our classes have been working on getting undress and dress by themselves, which has been a huge success. Our 3 year old class has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. We are very proud of them ! Of course our 4 year old class is still showing their capabilities and of course we see how their independence continues to grow! If you have not seen it yet, ask them they can show you ! It is always a great idea to have the skills being used before/ after preschool as well! 

We did some fun science this week, learning about sink and floating. They were able to experience it themselves by dropping in materials and guessing whether it would sink and float and dissecting pumpkins! FUN!


We are continuing our ocean project! This week was focused on sharks ( as previously stated). The children loved to learn about the Whale sharks! We have learned some new songs, and our two favourites Baby Shark and Slippery Fish! We have done some very cool art and boy oh boy did we love the bingo dabbers!  We went on a neighbourhood walk with the 4's and that was a lot of fun! We practised our listening skills, and was able to practise our knowledge on street safety ! We are getting ready for some Halloween Fun! 

Some notes :

The 3 year olds  have their pumpkin patch coming up this Tuesday Oct 24th and it is at the Preschool. Please make sure your children are dressed properly because we will be outside for a longer period of time ( rain or shine!)

School Photo’s are happening Nov 6 & 7 here at preschool.

We are having a Halloween celebration ! The ORCA 4 AM/PM will be having there’s on Monday Oct 30th and Both Unicorn classes and Orca 3 AM/PM will have there celebration on Tuesday Oct 31st. Costumes are encouraged and we will do a little trick or treating here inside the community centre! The preschool team will not be handing out candy but little surprises. If parents want to hand out little treats for students you are more than welcome to but please leave it in files in the hall as the teachers will already have their hands full.  For this party we will be looking for 4 parent volunteers for handing out our surprises! We will have the sign up sheet posted this Monday from there we will draw names.  PLEASE REMEMBER WE ARE A NUT FREE and KIWI FREE FACILITY.

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