Friday, October 27, 2017

October 23-27 2017

Reminder our Halloween Party is next week!

Orca 4 am and 4 pm class will have their party on Monday October 30th. The rest of the groups will have their party on the 31st! We have drawn the volunteer’s names and have contacted the parents, if you have any questions please feel free to call or ask the preschool staff. Our community centre Trick-or-treating will happen the first 30 min of your child's class, after that we will be having a little party for the groups. This will include various art activities, group games, Halloween sensory play and some spooky music! 

We have had a pair of outdoor pants go missing in our Unicorn 4 class. They are boys, black size 6, they have overall straps with no button. Please check at home and see if they accidently ended up in your outdoor bin! 

This week in the it has been a blast. We started off the week with a fun story called "The Monster who lost his "m”.  The children loved it so we started creating our own monsters! The children created their own ghosts with sock and various items. Tuesday was our 3 year old pumpkin patch! Which we ended up bringing it into our class and added it to our Farmers Market!!! The 3 year olds also joined Michelle Kiran's Mother for music class, which was a BLAST! Spooky Wednesday! It was all about Bats. Counting with bats, art with bats it was a BATTY day!  Thursday was our science day! We had a very fun day with lots of exploring, experimenting, categorizing and observing. We did a sink and float test. Then we organized the items, at the end we even were able to check out a real squid! It was so cool! We used four sense and then we all voted on if it would sink or float. IT SUNK! On our science table we added new furs and textures for everyone to test! There is even a bear claw.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!  Friday was our 'letter c' day and our baking day! We practised our fine motor skills, math skills, pouring skills and turn taking while baking Carrot Cake this week!

Orca Room has been under the sea all week!! Learning about octopus and squids! We brought in a live squid and put it into a sensory bag for all the children to look, smell and touch! It was soo cool. We have learned new songs about the sea, read amazing new stories and our art was super cool! We created our own octopuses out of socks and various materials. We used slime and added new exciting sea creatures. We did matching games, and spelling work all through our play! 

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